Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drawing Out Conversations, Taipei

Still from "Liwanag"

Nanhai Gallery
20 June - 24 July 2010

Its been a lot of hard work getting here and preparing for the show, but its finally up! Singaporean curator Ling-nah Tang has put together a wonderful host of artists who are thinking about mark making in different ways.

Sin-Tung HO, Hong Kong, with delicate drawings framed and directly on the wall.

Huey-Chian, Singapore, with his ink pool, a 3-dimensional drawing that changes with time.

Kai-Qun CHUN, Singapore, creates installations with drawing utensils.

For "Liwanag, let us dance in the light", I'm collaborating with Matt Richard on an interactive component that integrates viewers faces into the animation. The sculpture holds two plaster masks of my face, one holding a camera and anther the projector. The scroll landscape painting in the background serves as the screen for the animation. It is an imaginary landscape, finger painted in ink and gold, and based on the landscape of Hong Kong.