Thursday, November 27, 2008

Silhouette of Songs Reception + Performance

Paintings and animation by Susan Chen and Minette Mangahas. Life music performed--improvised--by FIELD: Walter Kitundu (invented instruments) and Robin Sukhadia (tabla). This was a wonderful event at the Sangati Center in San Francisco that was so well attended, folks were turned away (I'm so sorry to those who could get in!) and there were people sitting underneath and behind the screen!

Paintings, stills and photographs:
1. "Flash" by MM.
2. "Red Tree" by SC.
3. After the performance (l-r) Minette, Susan, Robin, and Walter.
4. Robin and Walter watching a preview before the show.
5. Minette w/ mom Miranda Lee.
6. "Country animation still" by MM.
7. Reception
8. Patricia Wakida and Wallis Harvey
9. "The Green Man" by MM.
10."Chartreuse" by SC.
11. Picture of screen at the Sangati reception.
12. Folks at the reception: Susan, Minette, Camille Hoffman, Jefferson Pinder, Chris, and Janif