Monday, October 31, 2011

The Tree (and piglets)

The last 2 weeks in Bodh Gaya at the INEB conference have been amazing. This is a descendent of the bodhi tree under which Siddhartha was enlightened, on the same spot with the shrine erected around it. I've visited it just about everyday, what a powerful place. In touching my forehead as the pilgrims do, I could almost hear him breathe, feel his skin. His presence is palpable.

I've a lot to catch up on, since I haven't been on the internet much this whole time. But I find it only fitting to begin here.  ...and to add an adorable picture of pigs. This is sort of what Bodh Gaya is like--a mind-blowing juxtaposition of the most sacred spot in all of Buddhism and families of pigs sleeping under a little shack on the way to a little concrete coffeeshop that serves carrot cake and cappuccino.

Monday, October 17, 2011

London: The Tate Modern

The Unilever Series by Tacita Dean is analog in the most fundamental sense in this digital time. Edited film with knife and tape on a table. For some reason, its whimsical surrealism reminds me of Dali. But perhaps that's just because I saw "Midnight in Paris" on the plane over from San Francisco.

(btw, I'm not that keen on Virgin America but love Virgin Atlantic. It was the easiest flight over.)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Back to the beginning

Today I had the opportunity to return to the source of all my work, calligraphy. 

I am staying and working in the home of my calligraphy teacher, and I feel so blessed. This week marked a significant end and a remarkable beginning. On the one hand, I packed up and left everyone and everything I called home for the past two years. On the other, I have been given the opportunity to rediscover my roots as I embark on a new journey. For this, I am supremely thankful.