Monday, March 17, 2014


Hello! And Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
As you may have noticed, I've neglected this personal blog since the end of 2012, when I launched into a long-term project called AKSHA.

Its been a large, life-changing experience which involved moving from Brooklyn to Bangkok, a year-long Fulbright Fellowship in sacred sculpture, a Kickstarter campaign, a new children's book, a new 150-meter art installation, and my first line of jewelry called LUMINOUS.

Its been amazing. And most of my journey has been documented on AKSHA's Blog and Facebook Page.

Since then, I've come to re-evaluate everything that I've done in my life. Everything, from the children's stories and piano compositions I made when I was 10 years old, my work as an artist in calligraphy and animation, to the work I did in grad school at NYU--All the work on my site and this blog in retrospect now seems to just have been preparation for what I am doing now. I understand it all differently, and am repackaging it all for relaunch on the new Brushsong site later this year.

So be patient with me! All systems go. If you'd like to stay in touch, please visit my Facebook page or send me a note. I'm coming back to my writing and music, and so will post essays and video/sound pieces on this site from time to time.

Much love,

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